The Shamanic way of life is one of Love, Service, and Simplicity…

Butterfly Wisdom- Sacred Path of Transformation

The Butterfly carries wisdom through the great cycles of life.  There is a natural instinct to transition from the earth bound caterpillar to the winged butterfly by going into the darkness and stillness within then emerging to fullness.  We see this take place before our eyes and we too can experience this on our Sacred Path of Transformation.  

This Shamanic Earth Medicine Training course may be calling to you if…

·         You are starting your journey of spirituality because you want to create a shift in perspective  

·         You are ready to release what no longer serves you, heal old wounds, and take flight to follow your dreams

·         You want to connect with Nature and experience the wisdom in all of Creation mythically through intuition and all the senses

·         You are looking to deepen or continue your spiritual work in Shamanism

·         You would like to learn indigenous energy healing techniques, traditions, ceremonies, rites of passage, and become a “Misa” or Stone Medicine Bundle Carrier

This course will guide you through your soul’s transformation by way of the Butterfly’s natural cycle and the cardinal directions of the Earth Medicine Wheel, a mechanism to understand the transition of Life that has been used for thousands of years; “Rest/South”, “Growth/West”, “Expand/North”, “Fly/East”.

Various indigenous teachings from lineages spanning the Americas are woven together including the Inca of Peru, Mayan, and Native American to gift you extensive wisdom on your path of transformation.  

Butterfly Wisdom will gather 4 times over one year for 3 days at a time, Thursday 4PM- Sun 2PM.

Each gathering is $500, meals included. On site shared accommodations or camping available for an additional cost.

We begin in the state of Rest and the South direction.  You have committed to a “new” way of walking in the world and through that commitment you navigate the earth, still as the caterpillar, in search of a place to rest.  As the teachings of the South unfold, showing you how to identify and begin to release past wounds, you settle into this spiritual cycle and create the cocoon that will hold you in Love. I will be by your side, helping you to create and find that space of loving kindness you so deserve.

We then transition to the state of Growth and the West direction. As you shift from resting to growing you go deep within the darkness and stillness.  Here you hone your intuition as you face the “shadow” aspect and continue to honor the emotional healing process.  You are gaining strength, but must work within the natural process and find patience by being gentle with yourself.  You begin to see fearlessly through darkness into the light that is coming…

As we Expand in the North direction, we are supported by the branches of wisdom.  We emerge spreading our wings, allowing light to illuminate us as we glisten.  There is still strength to gain; physically, emotionally, mentally and soulfully so we clutch down and ground ourselves.  Our ancestral instincts download information to assist us as we feel out this new body, our expanded being of consciousness. We celebrate as we acknowledge our uniqueness, beauty, and color!

It’s time to Fly in the East direction! Our Spirit transcends all time and space as we take flight.  We feel the interconnectedness to all beings because we have rested and released our wounds, grown and faced the darkness, and expanded our consciousness.  We are fully in tune with our divine gifts and how we can be of service to all through Love. Our senses are heightened and our perspective broadened to experience life fully and joyfully. We have woven ourselves into the fabric of the collective and fly in awe of the Great Mystery we are a part of.  We remember and honor the cycles of life and death here, knowing that we experience this process many times over within one lifetime.

I invite you to join this path of Soul transformation & exploration through Butterfly Wisdom.  Enjoy all the sweetness Life has to offer when you honor your healed state and the knowing that all of Creation is alive! It’s time to FLY!