Ceremony is an integral tool for transformation, gratitude, and growth on the spiritual path. Reconnect offers various ceremonial opportunities to support you on your journey. These are typically held at our location, but can be held at your location by request. Check our upcoming events page or click here for details.

We offer the follow types of ceremony primarily from the Andean Shamanic traditions:

Full Moon Fire Ceremony- Each Full Moon we gather to give our offering of gratitude for all we are blessed with and the fullness of the intentions we have set at the New Moon. This is an opportunity to purge what no longer serves us and gift it to the Sacred Fire. By doing this we create space for our intentions to grow within us. Peruvian techniques are taught at the start of the ceremony and sacred songs in various languages will be sung. Please bring an organic offering (sticks, flowers, paper with intentions written on it) for the fire. The land here provides many gifts as well, feel free to choose something while you are here.



Water Blessings