Shamanic Energy Healing

$120 for 1.5-2 Hours  $75/hr after2 Hours


Shamanic Energy Healing allows you release what no longer serves you in your energetic body & journey to the remembrance of your Healed State.  You will be held in Sacred Space as you ignite the Divine Light within and focus your clear intention.  Peruvian & various Native Earth Medicine techniques such as breathing exercises,  journeying, soul part retrieval, power animal retrieval, guided meditation, water blessings, and ceremony are utilized to release, re-balance, & renew your energy body.  


Reiki Energy Healing

$70 per Hour


Reiki is a powerful yet gentle form of Japanese energy work that promotes healing through stress reduction and relaxation.  The energy body is able to reset to it's naturally functioning state through the light touch vibration of the energy transferred to the client.  As a result, the client may feel the benefits described as a sense of peace & balance.


Multi-person Energy Session

$150 per Hour


Enjoy a relaxing energy session with a special person in your life.  All services can be done on side by side massage tables or in small seated groups.


Home/Land Clearing & Blessing

$45 per Hour


Space Clearing brings clarity & lightness to your home, land or work place.